The Business Development department is focused on expanding and providing business opportunities at a national and international level to ensure and strengthen the future of the Company.

Innovation is the engine of our business strategy, we firmly believe that our success is closely linked to the success of our products, the result of several R+D projects and our alliances and trade agreements. We focus our efforts on finding the best partner for each project, product and territory.

Our main goal is to identify licensing opportunities and evaluate strategic alliances by means of a constant search for third-party products to strengthen the product portfolio of the company in its core therapeutic areas: Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Metabolism, Urology, Cardiovascular and Pharmacy OTC.

We are open to set strategic alliances with other companies, to supplement and expand our businesses, so that our presence and the presence of those companies collaborating with us continue to grow and strengthen, both nationally and internationally.

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