Our Factory is located in Utebo, Zaragoza: Autovía de Logroño (Logroño motorway), km. 13.300.

The production plant in Zaragoza was opened in 1998. Currently it is provided with an area of 23,000m2 and built 8,350m2. In 2007, in order to integrate an area of research and development of new products, expansion work resulted in a new, fully equipped building with the latest technology available in the market.

The plant in Utebo (Zaragoza) has been authorized for the production of pharmaceutical products , health devices and food supplements, among others.

With certification of good manufacturing practice for medicinal products (GMP’s) and meeting, therefore, both Spanish and European legislation and WHO recommendations. The facilities meet Grade D in accordance with the European directive 91/356 EEC and class 100,000 according to the 209E USA federal standard on clean rooms. Similarly, the facilities comply with current legislation on energy consumption, CO2 emissions and waste management.

The plant is inspected regularly by the pharmaceutical inspection services of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Diputación General de Aragón (the General Council of Aragón) (DGA).

Third party Manufacturing

A large part of this plant’s production is executed for third parties, and more than 50% of the units produced are manufactured for export.
We are specialized in the production of

Oral, rectal, topical and other solutions.
Semi-solids: Soaps, emulsions, gels, etc.
Solids: Elaboration of mixtures for subsequent packaging in sachets.

We are also specialized in packaging in plastic bottles, sachets, plastic or aluminium tubes and special containers.