There are many areas in which Social Responsibility initiatives developed by Recordati Casen are reflected, from compliance with all requirements and obligations of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in our plant, to participation in prevention programs of colon cancer, patient organizations, training for health professionals (doctors and pharmacists) to ongoing collaboration with various associations for the disabled in order to help and contribute with society, thus ensuring that everyone has the same opportunities.

We are also a company concerned about the environment and committed to the environment, apart from having the Integrated Environmental Authorization, we seek to continuously improve environmental management: By reducing and properly managing waste, minimizing energy consumption, using only electricity without using fossil fuels. We control the noise levels we generate to prevent negative influence to the environment, we control our sewage effluent properly and try to reduce water consumption.


Committed with you

In Casen Recordati we believe that CSR is a fundamental cornerstone in the development of our activities and, for that reason, is present in the various processes of decision making to ensure that the results achieved are always linked to our social commitment.