Casen Recordati has an ethical and legal responsibility to patients. Therefore, it performs an ongoing evaluation on the safety of all its medical products, thus contributing to ensuring the safety of their products.

If you feel you have experienced any adverse effects with any of our products, please contact us filling out the form below.

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    Data controller CASEN RECORDATI, S.L.
    Purpose To detect, assess, evaluate and prevent the adverse events or any other safety issue related to the pharmaceutical products of CASEN RECORDATI, S.L.
    Legal basis To guarantee the quality and safety of any medicine based on the applicable legislation on pharmacovigilance.
    Destinatarios Compañías del grupo Recordati, empresas con las que Casen Recordati mantiene acuerdos de licencia y/o comercialización y autoridades sanitarias nacionales e internacionales
    Recipients Companies of the Recordati group, companies that have entered into licence and/or commercial agreements with CASEN RECORDATI, S.L, and national and international competent authorities.
    Rights To access, rectify and erase personal data, as well as any other right as specified in the additional information layer.
    Additional information You may access the additional and detailed information on data protection here