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•    In Casen Recordati we respect the plurality of opinions so we encourage our followers to collaborate leaving comments regarding the subject we are dealing with at that time. Casen Recordati reserves the right to delete, at any time and without prior notice, any information or comment that is contrary to any rule or ethic standard or that is not adecuate, at Casen Recordati’s discretion.

•    We do not support and we are not responsible for the opinions given in our social networks. We are not responsible either for the form or content of messages and comments, except for those we publish.

•    No obscene, pornographic, racist, sexist, inappropriate, offensive or defamatory messages or contents shall be allowed. Messages that violate privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property or that breach any other law or that we might consider inappropriate are not allowed either.

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•    We shall not distribute e-mail addresses (including viruses) that may be harmful to any type of computers or devices as well as urls or links that might direct to other websites with malicious contents.

•    Social Networking shall not be used to notify adverse effects or for medical questions. For any matter related to health conditions or medical questions of a personal nature or related to prescriptions of Casen Recordati products, you should contact with a professional doctor.

•    We will not distribute, publish or transmit any type of information that might denigrate the reputation of our competitors.

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