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24 July, 2019

The importance in handling the complications and challenges that arise during the Colonoscopy and its clinical approach, is the central core of the VI edition of Citrafleet International Scientific Sessions 2019

Casen Recordati International business celebrates for the sixth consecutive year its meeting Citrafleet Scientific Sessions, an International medical conference hosted in Madrid which gathers internationally renowned experts in the field Quality in Colonoscopy Management

· A scientific event that brings together an exquisite selection of renowned Key Opinion Leaders in Gastroenterology with the aim of sharing their experiences and recommendations in the treatment of the risks and complications that occur during the endoscopic procedures. Searching for excellence in the clinic practice the best strategy in the prevention and treatment of Colorectal Cancer is also part of the main goal of the meeting

· An interactive monograph based on the presentation of recorded videos of difficult clinical cases of unconventional situations brought special medical interest leading to a large and enriching debate of experiences exchange regarding the main critical factors that might affect on the quality of the Colonoscopy and therefore crucial to obtain the most accurate diagnose and successful therapy for the patients

· Casen Recordati International by these small conferences promotes continuous medical education as it is a powerful tool to improve the expert knowledge and clinical practise of the professionals who lead endoscopy at a European level

Madrid, June 7, 2019 –  The International Department of Casen Recordati has celebrated the sixth edition of the event, Citrafleet Scientific Sessions, one of the key strategic events in the field of Gastroenterology, which was held in Madrid gathering renowned national and international experts with the aim of best clinical practices sharing and experiences exchange management of the risks and complications that daily arise during the Colonoscopy.

These clinical issues mean a great challenge for the specialist, therefore the scientific community is required to have an advance knowledge on the most sophisticated techniques and to develop polished skills for obtaining the best endoscopic practices which will ensure a safe approach to the patient, as well as an optimal therapeutic and accurate diagnose.

This interactive monograph offered a thorough review of the most unconventional clinical cases which involve a great therapeutic difficulty being an exceptional masterclass that showed the mastery and the exquisite expertise of the assembled specialists.

The gathered audience enjoyed from excellent collection of cases which covered a wide variety of topics – more than ten types of risks and complications – that are the more common that might occur during the Colonoscopy and as such the one of major interest and daily concern for the specialist, says as: bleeding, perforation, hard-to-access polyps, patients with inflammatory conditions, etc.

Citrafleet Scientific Sessions implies not just the promotion of knowledge and therefore the use of the most innovative techniques, also entail a reinforcement in the awareness and importance of intestinal cleansing as a key factor for the optimal quality in colonoscopy and also the its crucial role for the preventive diagnosis of Colorectal Cancer.

It was remarkable the participation and contribution of Gastroexperts who developed an impeccable session:

· Dr. Monika Ferlitsch. Medicine University of Vienna. Austria.

· Dr. Jean-Christophe Saurin. Edouard Herriot Hospital of Lyon. France.

· Dr. Maria Pellisé. Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Spain.

· Dr. Pedro J. Roson. Chiron Health Málaga. Spain.

· Dr. Anton Gillessen. Clinic Herz-Jesu-Krankenhaus Münster. Germany.

· Dr. Liseth Rivero. Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. Spain.

· Dr. Milivojevic Vladimir. Central Clinic of Serbia.

· Dr. Arnulf Ferlitsch. Döbling Private Hospital of Vienna. Austria.

· Dr. Francisca Castro. Hospital Da Senhora Da Oliveira, Guimarães .Portugal.

· Dr. António Severino Pinto. Centro Hospitalar of Lisboa Central. Portugal.

Particulary, the lecture of Dra. Monika Ferlitsch specialist in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Clinical University of Vienna-meant a special contribution, as she provided the audience very generously with exclusive premier of a review of the new European Guidelines on Bowel Evacuation which its coming out is estimated to be in the last quarter of 2019.

Once again, Casen Recordati International by developing these type of initiatives renewed its commitment to scientific divulgation and researching the Endoscopy arena.

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